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Jun 18, 2024          07:26:50 PM


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Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

Vespa's Domain Expansion

All current guild data will be wiped for this expansion!!

Weekly Contribution

Guilds will need to meet a weekly contribution amount in order for the guild to be considered active.


1. Guild must be at least a week old before they will be automatically enrolled in the system.
2. Combined amount of credits from all members donated to the guild will be counted towards the contribution.
3. Guilds that have not met the contribution amount will have the notice beginning on Friday.
4. Once a guild has reached the required contribution amount, the notice (if displayed) will no longer be displayed to that guild.
5. Guilds that have not met the contribution amount by Monday at 12:59AM, will have their guilds automatically disbanded on Monday at 1:00AM.
6. The weekly contribution amount will reset on Monday at 1:00AM.

Note1: Once a guild has reached the contribution amount, any donations exceeding the amount will not count towards contribution.
Note2: Any items left in the vaults of guilds that are automatically disbanded will NOT be recoverable.