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Game Rules

Section I - Account Management

A.) Account Sharing
To keep things simple: if your account is shared with another player, Rage of Sage Online's staff cannot offer you any support regarding the return of any stolen, lost, or misplaced items as a result of the account being shared.
B.) Account Security
Making sure your account is secure is solely the player's responsibility. If your account is altered due to a security compromise in our system, we will attempt to recover up to 99% of any items you may have lost as compensation. However, if an account's security is compromised due to the player's actions (Ex. "Account-Sharing", "Downloading Suspicious Files", "Visiting fake websites", "Giving out your account information"), we will attempt to bring justice to the person(s) responsible, but no further action will be taken following.
Being active is the best way to maintain your account's security. As a general rule, we recommend that players change their password every 1-3 months.
The simplest and most effective way to protect your character's inventory is using the Lock of Mystic. Use of the lock of mystic combined with the "Auto-Lock" setting in game will keep your inventory secure from any unwanted access.
Only login to your account in at our official website ( and game. As for all accounts online, players should avoid using credentials used in other games or websites.
Use our Account IP-Lock system which will secure your account so that only those IP-Addresses that you authorize may login.
C.) Account Suspensions
1.) Suspending Accounts
All accounts that are registered and used inside of Rage of Sage Online can be suspended at any point of time:
If evidence is found of that account participating in "hacking", "scamming", or general theft of another player's possessions.
If the account is found using, or abusing, "bugs" in the game or website.
If the account owner has been previously suspended using a different account.
If the account is under suspicion of using fraudulent or otherwise fake information related to credit card information, bank account numbers, or paypal account(s).
If the account owner has been participating in illegal deeds such as "DDoS", "SQL-Injections", "XSS", "Bruteforce" or any other methods of compromising the game-play of our server. Depending on how severe the attack, legal action may also be taken to provide justice to the criminal(s).
2.) Re-instating Accounts
Accounts that have been suspended can only be re-instated (unbanned) if they fall under the following categories:
i.) Temporary Suspensions
Any temporary account ban placed on your account. Placed on an account by ROSO Staff either to ensure its safety, or to temporarily prevent an account from playing.
ii.) Wrongly Accused
If we find that your account has been wrongly banned (did not deserve a ban), the account will be reinstated to its prior form.

Section II - Character Management

A.) Character Sharing
This corresponds to (Section I. Paragraph A). If you share your account information (and/or access to use the character) with another player for any reason, Rage of Sage Online's staff cannot provide you with any form of support in recovering lost, stolen, or otherwise missing items as a result of account sharing.
B.) Trading
All actions such as "Trading", "Purchasing from Stalls", "Dropping/Picking Items", and "Deleting", are logged as soon as they happen. Trying to hide items from "hacked" characters by using any means of transporting equipment from one character to another are logged, and you will be caught.
1.) Out-of-server trades
Doing, or attempting to do, any kind of "server-to-server" or "for real money" trading is not supported. If you are caught, your account(s) may be suspended at the staff member at hand's discretion. In addition, if you attempt to report a sale of items as a hack or scam, your account(s) will be permanently suspended without recourse.
2.) Account Buying, Selling, or Trading
Actively being a part, or attempting to be a part of, any of the following: Account buying, selling, or trading for any type of currency is illegal. If you are caught, your account(s) may be suspended at the staff member at hand's discretion.
3.) Accidental Item Loss
Rage of Sage Online's staff cannot assist in the return of ANY item(s) lost due to player's negligence. this pertains to, but is not limited to: dropping, deleting, incorrect apparel fusion, or misplacement.
C.) Cheating
If you believe a player has somehow obtained an unfair advantage through cheating or other means, please contact us at our Support Center with details, and we will deal with the situation in a timely manner.

Section III - Chat Management

A.) Local/World/Trade Chat
1.) Advertising
Players found advertising websites or other servers in game will be permanently suspended without recourse.
2.) Spamming
If a player is repeatedly sending the same message in an attempt to spark annoyance, and a staff member catches them doing so, they may be muted for up to 24 hours at the staff member's discretion without prior warning.
3.) Flaming
We ask that players keep the insults at a minimum to allow the game to be accessible to all ages. If a player is seen, or reported with screenshot proof, using hate-speech, racial slurs of any kind, or otherwise degrading comments with an intent to harm, they may be muted for up to 24 hours at the staff member's discretion without prior warning.
4.) Insulting Staff
Players should always remember to be respectful to staff members, regardless of any prior disagreements. If a player chooses to insult a staff member, they may be muted for up to 72 hours, or temporarily suspended for up to 1 week.

Section IV - Bug Reports

A.) General Bugs
If you find something not working correctly, we urge you to report it. We take all bug reports seriously, and strive to resolve all issues in a timely matter.
1.) Reporting Bugs
If you would like to report a bug you have found, you can visit our Support Center and report it to us there. We will deal with all bugs in the order of urgency.
B.) Bug Abuse
Abusing (Finding and not reporting) any kind of bug found in our game or website (to gain an unfair advantage over somebody else) will lead to a permanent account suspension (Section I. Paragraph A. Subsection 1. Element II). We expect all players to be honest to ensure that our server remains a safe and fair environment.
C.) Map Editing
Editing PK-enabled maps to give yourself an advantage is illegal: removing buildings or models to provide better visibility is not allowed. Furthermore, editing maps in order to "hide" or make your character(s) "out of reach", will result in a permanent account suspension. We take abuse of the ability to modify your client very seriously, and any player found to be doing this will not receive a second chance.

Section V - Hacked Accounts/Characters

A.) Getting Hacked
Any unauthorized accessing of a player's account that results in the loss of items, money, or gear is considered "getting hacked". If your account is compromised, it should be reported as quickly as possible at our Support Center.
B.) Protecting Your Account
Here are some ways that you can prevent your account from being hacked:
1.) Use strong passwords
Make sure that your password is not easily guessable: ideally, players should use randomized letters and numbers for their passwords. One of my favorite places to get a password is I realize you probably won't remember it, which is why you can save it in a notepad somewhere on your PC.
2.) Don't use the same password from another server
You can play as many servers as you wish, that is your choice, but under no circumstances should you use the same accounts on here as you do there. This increases the risk of your account being targeted.
3.) Don't visit fake websites
Most of the time, fake websites (phishing websites) have applications that will ask you to "install or upgrade your java" in order to run. These are not real, and contain viruses. Once you press ok or allow, the virus will be downloaded onto your PC.
Other fake websites will tell you to login with your account information to "win free imps" and such. They will NOT deliver. Once you login there, their webserver will store it, and there goes your account.
As stated in (Section I. Paragraph B. Subsection 4.), only submit your login information to our official website (
4.) Don't download random tweaks
Players should avoid downloading client modifications from unknown sources. If you would like to download tweaks, visit our forum where you can find free tweaks that are safe to use.
C.) Reporting a Hack
Players should report any account "hack", or compromise, as quickly as possible to our Support Center.
1.) Reporting
To report a hacked account, create a ticket using this format:
  • Account Name:
  • Character that was hacked:
  • Date/Time you were hacked:
  • How were you hacked?:
  • Item(s) lost:
  • Your IP Address:
  • Did you share account(s)?:
  • If you shared account(s), your partner(s) IP address:
Once you have created a ticket, you will be able to communicate with the staff through the Ticket System concerning your case

Section VI - Scammed Accounts/Characters

A.) Getting Scammed
Getting scammed is being tricked into a trade, a player misrepresenting an item, or any theft of an item.
B.) Preventing a Scam
Getting scammed sucks. Here are some tips to avoid it:
1.) Watch the Trade Window
ALWAYS check what you are getting in the trade: scammers will sometimes swap items out for ones with similar icons.
2.) Record Your Trade
In the event that you are scammed, it is best to have evidence supporting your side of the story. Taking either screenshots of video of the trade will help immensely in any actions the staff may take regarding your case.
3.) Use Common Sense
As a rule of the internet, you should never trust any person whose true identity is not known to you.
If you are doing a large trade(involving more than one trade window worth of items), make sure the player is reputable beforehand.
Players should never lend their items to others, even to "test stats", as this is one of the most common methods of theft.
C.) Reporting a Scam
In the event that you are scammed, here's a brief overlook of how you should report it:
Note: Rage of Sage Online's staff will NOT return any items lost in a scam. We can only suspend the account(s) that benefited.
1.) Have Proof
As stated in (Section VI. Paragraph B. Subsection 2.) screenshots or video evidence should be provided by the player who was scammed to support their case.
2.) Reporting
To report a scam, please visit our Support Center and fill out the form using the subject "Scam Case". We will e-mail you back (to the email you specified) once we have made progress regarding your case. Please submit only ONE ticket, as submitting multiple tickets only slows down the support process. Ticket support is usually offered between the hours of 9:00AM and 12:00AM server-time.

Section VII - Staff Members

A.) Staff Impersonation
Our staff members will never ask for your account's password nor should you ever send it to us: your password is yours only, and should not be shared with anyone! Keep in mind that real staff members will have a GM/HD sign ABOVE their head, as well as "[HD]" / "[GM]" / "[Admin]" in front of their names. Any other alterations ("(G.M)", "|G|M|", "!GM!") of this are FAKE!
Our staff members will NEVER contact you unless you A.) Contact us first, or B.) Ask for help in world/trade chat.
B.) Current Staff
As of right now, our current staff members are
You can view our current staff members using our staff list

Section VIII - Agreement

A.) By registering an account, downloading our client, and logging into the game, you agree that you are forthwith bound to the rules and limitations stated above for the duration of the time you play Rage of Sage Online.

B.) If you find any part of this policy confusing, feel free to contact us using the Ticket System, and we will try to clear up the issue.

C.) If you find any part of this policy unacceptable to you, you are free to uninstall our client from your computer.
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