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May 24, 2024          01:45:55 AM


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Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

Vespa's Domain Expansion



The location of the Vespasian Courtyard is at Thundoria Castle (740, 1417). You can also use the command '/tp vespa' or '/tp vc' to enter the courtyard.

[Opening Times]

The courtyard is always open! You can enter it at any time. The coliseum where the matches are held however, are on a schedule. The coliseum will open 3 days a week, 3 times each day.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday1:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 7:00 PM1 hour

During the 1 hour period, all participants will play in up to 15 matches. Each match will be the best 2 out of 3 rounds.


Welcome to the Vespasian Courtyard! Home of Duke Vespa's famous Vespasian Coliseum! The courtyard is the waiting room for all players to participate in the 3v3 Arena!

Map designed by Flareux.

[Waiting Room]

The waiting room (courtyard) is the place where you will spend most of the time until the coliseum opens up. The waiting room serves as a hang out for all participants. After each match, the participants will always be teleported back to the waiting room until the next match begins.

While the coliseum is open, any new players that join the waiting room will be entered into the queue and will be matched up once the next round starts.

There are a total of 5 NPCs in the Courtyard, however the most important 2 are Arena Guard - Raul and Merchant - Renost

[Arena Guard - Raul]
Arena Guard - Raul
Argent City (2261,2757)Tasked with handing out Quests for additional Merits
In-game Coliseum Help

For this quest, you must win 5 matches in the coliseum. This means winning your matches either by damage or complete elimination 5 times.

This quest is the easiest to accomplish. You must simply participate in 7 matches.

This could be challenging for some, however it also offers the most merits. You must defeat 9 opponents in the coliseum.

Note1: You must have at least 1 inventory slot free in order to complete quest
Note2: The quests will not always be available. Availability is based off activity of previous coliseum sessions. As such, for the first coliseum session upon release, the quests will not be available.
Note3: You can re-do any of the quests as many times as you'd like as long as they are available.

[Merchant - Renost]

Merchant - Renost
Argent City (2261,2757)In charge of handling goods to purchase in exchange for Merits

Renost only speaks to those that have gained some sort of nobility (Cadet or higher) or you have more than 100 merits.
No nobilitySome nobility

For more information on what Renost has to offer, as well as Nobility and Merits, check out Nobility / Merits

[Match making]

Once the coliseum is ready to be opened, players can enter the courtyard and you will be placed in a queue.

- All players currently in the map will be entered into a queue.
- Players will be randomly be placed into a party of 3.
- Your team mates will not be revealed to you until the first match starts.
- After the first match has completed, players will continuously be paired in 3v3 matches until a grand total of 15 matches are completed, or the 1 hour map time has completed.

Note1: At least 6 players must be in queue before any matches begin.
Note2: If there is not a sufficient amount of players to be matched fairly 3v3, you will not be moved to the coliseum until the number to players in queue qualify.
Note3: New players will always be entered into the queue and will be paired up when the next match is available.
Note4: Teams that have already completed a match and has a player disconnect will have a priority and the system will try to fill their team back up first.
Note5: Each player can have at most 3 character participate in matches.

[Companion UI]

There is a Companion UI for players when you enter the Vespasian maps. This UI lets you know details about the schedule, your queue status, and even your battle history.

Note1: When you obtain a quest from Guard - Raul, the status of the quest will appear in the companion UI.
Note2: The UI will only be available if you're inside either the Courtyard or Coliseum.


The Vespasian Coliseum! Home of the most anticipated 3v3 PK action! Here players can earn Merits which can help increase your Nobility.

Map designed by Flareux.


Upon entering the coliseum, all team members will be frozen and a countdown will begin.

Once the countdown reaches 0, players will be unfrozen and can begin the match.

A new round will begin once all players on the opposing team have been defeated. All players will then be sent back to their spawns and healed up again to participate in the next round.

Round WinMatch Win

Winners will be determined based on the following criteria
  • If there is time remaining in the match, the team that has won 2 out of the 3 rounds wins.
  • If there is no time remaining in the match, the team that has dealt the most damage wins.
  • If there is no time remaining in the match and no damage has been dealt by either team, a draw occurs.
- Winning will grant +50 Merits to each member on the winning team.
- Losing will grant +30 Merits to each member on the losing team.
- Draws will grant no Merits.

Note1: Each kill a member has will grant +1 Merit.


- All stats will be the average of every characters in the match.
- Damage in the map is modified so that there is no "tanking".
- Magical damage in the map will be based off the calculated maximum attack.
- Loveline / Master Teleportation cannot be used in this map.
- Crystalline Blessing cannot be used in this map.
- Revival cannot be used in this map.
- Pet orbs Restoration / Revive will not take affect in the map.
Note1: Damage modifiers such as Contem Stones, some skills, and some items will still take effect.


Players can access the rankings through the button on the main menu and select the Vespasian Coliseum in the drop down menu.

Rankings are determined based off the players match rating. All players begin initially with a 1500 match rating.

  • Each kill increases your rating by 1
  • Winning the match will increase your rating
  • Losing the match will decrease your rating
  • Drawing the match will not affect your rating
Note1: The rating increase / decrease is depending upon the average ratings of the players in the match.
Note2: This means that if a player wins a match, but has an extremely higher rating than the average players on the losing team, they will not gain as much rating. The opposite is also true, if your lose the match, you will not lose as much rating.
Note3: If you are familiar with Chess ratings, this is a similar system as to what they use.

Nobility / Merits

Merits are also a new currency that is linked to your character (like reputation and fractures) and are the main rewards you can gain from the Coliseum.

Based on your merits, you can increase your Nobility which allows you to gain exclusive badges and gain discounts from the Merchant.


BadgeShop DiscountMerits req to
next Nobility
Peasant (badge0045.png)
-546x merits required to
upgrade to Cadet
Cadet (badge0046.png)
-747x merits required to
upgrade to Soldier
Soldier (badge0047.png)
-1,021x merits required to
upgrade to Squire
Squire (badge0048.png)
-1,396x merits required to
upgrade to Knight
Knight (badge0049.png)
-1,909x merits required to
upgrade to Sire
Sire (badge0050.png)
2% off2,610x merits required to
upgrade to Lord
Lord (badge0051.png)
4% off3,568x merits required to
upgrade to Baronet
Baronet (badge0052.png)
6% off4,877x merits required to
upgrade to Baron
Baron (badge0053.png)
8% off6,667x merits required to
upgrade to Viscount
Viscount (badge0054.png)
10% off9,114x merits required to
upgrade to Earl
Earl (badge0055.png)
12% off12,459x merits required to
upgrade to Marquis
Marquis (badge0056.png)
14% off17,032x merits required to
upgrade to Duke
Duke (badge0057.png)
16% off23,283x merits required to
upgrade to Archduke
Archduke (badge0058.png)
18% off31,828x merits required to
upgrade to Grand Duke
Grand Duke (badge0059.png)
Grand Duke
20% off43,509x merits required to
upgrade to King
King (badge0060.png)
22% off59,477x merits required to
upgrade to Emperor
Emperor (badge0061.png)
24% off81,306x merits required to
upgrade to Dominator
Dominator (badge0062.png)
26% off111,145x merits required to
upgrade to Sovereign
Sovereign (badge0063.png)
28% off151,936x merits required to
upgrade to Conqueror
Conqueror (badge0064.png)
30% off207,697x merits required to
upgrade to Legend
Legend (badge0065.png)
32% off-
Note1: You can only obtain the Badge for your Nobility once.
Note2: You must be in a safe zone to upgrade your Nobility.
Note3: The upgrade button will appear next to your Nobility title once you have enough Merits.
Note4: Upgrading nobility will take the Merits from your character.

[Merit Shop]

Lord Shop PricesDominator Shop Prices
The shop has items such as badges, crafting materials and other items! Some items have a limited quantity that you can purchase. Some special items may be in the shop rotation during events as well.
Your Nobility determines the quality of the items in the shop as well, so the higher your Nobility, the better the items!

Note1: When you upgrade your Nobility, you can visit Renost to get your free badge that accompanies the Nobility.
Note2: If you do not claim your Nobility badge before upgrading to the next Nobility, you can visit the shop to still get it. However its limited to the past 2 unclaimed Nobility badges.
Note3: The Merits (item) is a trade-able item to trade your merits. Their exchange rate is always 1:1 no matter the discount rate your Nobility offers.

Vespa's Barrels

Vespa Vespa's Barrels are a brand new item straight from Duke Vespa's treasury. They are said to be able to can contain other items. Double click the Barrel to select an item that it should hold.

Note1: Only items that can be stacked and traded can be contained in a barrel.
Note2: Gems are not able to be stored in the barrels.
Note3: Jewelry chests are not able to be stored in the barrels.