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May 24, 2024          02:33:40 AM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

For more information about any item(s) or monster(s) in our server, check out our Game Database

Note: You can hover your mouse over any icon for more details about that item.

This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

You're now able to hunt for Treasures in game and on our website!


You can farm up New sheepskin scrolls to obtain a Expedition Treasure Map !

New sheepskin scrolls and Expedition Treasure Map requires you to be Lv135 and under in order to use them.

Check our Database Link for drop locations.

[Using the scroll]

Once you've obtained your New sheepskin scroll, double click it to obtain an Expedition Treasure Map. The color of the Treasure Map corresponds to the map you need to search in.

Treasure GulfArgent CityShaitan CityIcicle City

You'll then need to double click the Expedition Treasure Map in order to get the coordinates of the treasure!

Go to the coordinates and search around. Once you're near, double click the Expedition Treasure Map again to see what treasure was hiding in that spot! Careful though, some pirates have laid some traps for wandering treasure hunters like yourself...

[NSS Reward Rates]

When you double click the Expedition Treasure Map:

  • First checks if there is a trap or not.
    • 30% chance: trap
    • 70% chance: reward
If trap
25% chance: Nothing happens25% chance: Lose half HP
25% chance: Lose 95% HP and get poisoned25% chance: Randomly teleported
If reward (weighted random)

1x +1 Roll Attempts
2.176% chance

1x +3 Roll Attempts
0.544% chance

4-8x 100m Notes
4.357% chance

1-5x 1-Billion Notes
3.267% - 5.446% chance

50x 1-Billion Notes
2.176% chance

1x Lv1-4 Heavenly Chest
9.803% chance

1x (15-Day)ROSO Energy Card
7.625% chance

5x EXP Pamphlets
8.714% chance

1x Raid Power Pack
0.544% chance

1x Apparel Fearless Set
0.544% chance

1x Random of any level pet orb
10.893% chance

100-150x Augment Grade Increase Ores
3.267% chance

30-70x Augment Success Increase Ores
2.176% chance

10-15x Augment Prevent Decrease Ores
1.089% chance

1-3x Augment Guarantee Increase Ores
0.544% chance

1-2x Wyvern Shards
0.544% chance

1-2x Raid Shards
0.544% chance

1-5x 5-50 IGS Crystals
13.071% chance

1x Augment Grade Increase
0.435% chance

1x Augment Success Increase
0.217% chance

1x Augment Prevent Decrease
0.217% chance

5x Augmented Amplifier
7.625% chance

Note1: New sheepskin scrolls are trade-able, Expedition Treasure Maps are not.
Note2: The reward rates are based upon weights, so the exact percentages are not specified. The percentages above were calculated based on the weights and the values were truncated after the first 3 decimal places, so there is no rounding. As such, totaling up all the displayed rates may not exactly be 100%.

[NSS Bundles]

You have the ability to convert NSS into 3 different size bundles

50x New Sheepskin Scrolls500x New Sheepskin Scrolls5,000x New Sheepskin Scrolls

Note1: Place the NSS in your inventory and use command "/nss <amount>". Ex: "/nss 50", "/nss 500", or "/nss 5000"

Note2: Double clicking one of the bundles will give you that exact amount of NSS.


By hunting in-game, you'll have a chance to be able to hunt on our website for bigger and better rewards!

[Rolling the dice]

1.) Each roll of the dice uses up 1 roll attempts. You can obtain roll attempts by searching for treasure in-game using the New Sheepskin scrolls.

2.) Click the dice to begin the treasure hunt! Your pirate ship will move based on the number you rolled. When your ship stops, you'll obtain the treasure prizes found in the spot your ship has anchored. If you continue to roll the dice until you reach the very end, you'll earn a bonus completion reward!

3.) Your pirate ship will return to the starting point once you've reached the final point.

4.) If you roll an amount that will exceed the location of the final point, the map will be considered complete. If such an instance occurs, you will not obtain the prize of the final point, but the completion reward instead.

5.) All prizes are automatically sent to the players storage box upon winning.

Note1: If there are ever any errors in the display of the treasure hunt, simply refresh the page to allow the correct data to be displayed once again.

Note2: Double clicking the roll attempts in game will automatically add the attempt sot your account. Refresh the page to see them added.

Note3: ROSO Team has all rights to suspend any accounts that are found abusing the Treasure Hunt.