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Jul 12, 2024          01:39:38 PM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror

This is a brand new map! This map has been in development for a while and it is finally complete!

You can enter Tower of Terror by going to the Tower Administrator located in Shaitan City (918,3572)


In order to attempt the [Tower of Terror] instance, you must be in a party with 3 or more players. There are 6 Rules that all teams must abide by before they are allowed entry.

1st Rule: No more than 2 players with the same class in a team.
2nd Rule: All team members must be in Shaitan when trying the instance.
3rd Rule: All team members need to be in their second job advancement.
4th Rule: All team members must be within 15 levels of each other.
5th Rule: All team members must have enough entry attempts to participate.
6th Rule: All team members must be in the same Gem Range on equipment to be able to enter.

Once a team has abided by all 6 rules they will be allowed entry if there is a room available. There are 30 different rooms available, each named Tower-R1 through Tower-R30. Your team will automatically be placed in the next available room.

Entry Attempts: Every player has 10 entry attempts per day. Your entry attempts will decrease by one every time you enter the map(Does not matter if you win or clear it. Once you enter the map an entry attempt will be taken). Once you have 0 entry attempts left, you will be unable to enter the map until the next day.

Gem Range: Players will be sorted into 3 Gem Range Groups.

[Gem Range 1]: 0-100
[Gem Range 2]: 101-149
[Gem Range 3]: 150+

To find out your gem range, take the total "+" of your Hat, Armor, Gloves, Boots, and Weapons. If you are not a dual weapon class, count your weapon's "+" twice.

Ex(Non-dual weapon): A player with Hat +15, Armor +15, Glove +15, Boots +15, Gun +15*2 = 90, so the player would be placed in Gem Range 1.
Ex(Dual weapon): A player with Hat +15, Armor +15, Glove +15, Boots +15, Weapon 1+15, Weapon 2 +15 = 90, so the player would be placed in Gem Range 1.


Once you have entered each team will be spawned to one of the 4 locations in the map. From there a countdown will start and once the countdown has ended, you will have 180 secs(3mins) to kill all the mobs in the floor. There are 25 Floors Total. The number of mobs increase per floor lv. (FloorLv * 4 = Number of Mobs)

Once entered there are the following will apply

-Players will not obtain Sage Master buffs while being attacked in [Tower of Terror]
-Players will not obtain Sage/Rage Master damage bonuses while attacking mobs in [Tower of Terror]
-Players will be unable to use tickets, master tele, and love line skill while inside of the [Tower of Terror]
-Revival skill will not work in [Tower of Terror]
-Magic classes damage will be boosted when using (Spiritual Bolt, Conch Ray, Lightning Bolt) while inside of the [Tower of Terror]
-Players HP will be recorded at the end of each Floor. You will be unable to gain HP more than what was recored.
Example: On clearing Floor 1, your current HP is [40k/60k]. On the next floor you will be unable to gain more than 40k HP.
The only way to "heal" would be to enter a healing zone. It will recover 30% of your max HP. Can be used once per floor. There are 2 Healing Zones. One located at (90,17) and another at (15,85) Posted Image

Each floor will start off with 180 secs(3mins). You can gain extra time by clearing the floor in the fastest time possible. The time left after a round is cleared will be calculated and added to the next floor (Start Time - Time To Clear) / 2.5 = Num secs added to next floor time. [Ex: Complete Floor 1 in 30 secs. (180-30)/2.5 = 60. 60 + 180 = 240 secs(4mins) will be your start time in Floor 2]. The max amount of time a Floor can gain is 480 secs (8mins)

There are a few ways to get kicked out of the map
-Team Amount changes after entering map. (Either loosing or gaining a team member)
-A player in a team dies or gets disconnected, entire team will be removed.

In order to leave the map if your team no longer wishes to participate, all team members must stand on top of the Exit Area (Located 105,64).Posted Image


This is where this map outshines all others.

The number of monsters per Floor can be calculated (FloorLv * 4 = Number of Mobs) (Ex: Floor 3 * 4 = 12 mobs).

The monsters stats are calculated based on the stats of the players in the team. (Ex: Players in Gem Range 3 will have mobs with higher stats than players in Gem Range 2 or 1). The Gem Ranges do not define the monster stats, it is just to get players within the same range to work together. What I mean is, even if 2 Teams enter and they are both in [Gem Range 2], Team A could still have mob stats higher than Team B.
The monsters stats can change depending on the classes in the team or the number of players in the team.

This is important to remember. Mobs stats will be re-calculated after each floor. This means if you start Floor 1 and use any pot that alters your stats, the stats of the mobs on Floor 2 will increase whether the pot's effect is still effective or not. (Ex: Use buff note after entering the map on Floor 1, will increase the mob stats from Floor 2+.) The mob stats will not go back down.


The rewards for doing [Tower of Terror] are Terror Chests. Terror Chests are categorized in 3 classes (Novice, Standard, Expert)
For every 5 Floor your team completes, you get a 60% Chance to get a Novice Terror Chest and a 40% chance to get a Standard Terror Chest. If you complete Floor 25, you will obtain an Expert Terror Chest.
Posted Image

Cape Unseal Crystals are used in order to obtain Terror Capes and Upgrade them.
Note1: Terror Chests are Trade-able


Terror capes are new equipment items.
Posted Image
The stats the cape give are determined by the cape's lv.
3 * Cape level = Stats Gained

The max Cape level is 7.

There are 3 ranges of titles for the Capes.
Posted Image

In order to obtain a terror cape, you must first obtain a Terrorized Cape for 50x Cape Unseal Crystals. Once you have the Terrorized Cape you can upgrade it to a Lv1 Terror Cape

Posted Image

Note1: Terrorized Capes are trade-able. Terror Capes are NOT trade-able. Once you have a Terror Cape in your inventory they cannot be moved to another character.
Note2: All of this information is available from the Tower Administrator NPC