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May 24, 2024          02:27:44 AM


Note: Not all translations may be 100% accurate.

ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

New to ROSO? No idea how to start? No worries, this section of our game guide is dedicated towards helping you!


ROSO has all the characters the original ToP/PKO has to offer. Lance, Carsise, Ami and Phyllis



Sneaking it's way in the newest class to visit ROSO! This class fully utilizes the combination of Magic and Melee Classes! Currently exclusive to the Ami character type only, spread fear with your special weapons Knife & Cutters!


Slash'n Stun! Crusader is a class for both Phyllis and Lance. This class is by far the one with the highest attack speed. With a little help from those Rage Boots plus a dash of attack speed and poof! Your enemy will have a little chance of on-the-spot revenge.


Skilled with the Bow and Gun, Sharpshooters can attack from a distance. They also have the ability to hide/stealth similar to crusaders.Sharpshooters stand out due to their fast movement speed and that out-of-melee range. They'll attack you far behind while you're still coming to them. They're hunters.


The sea explorers! Using the power of the elements Ami, Phyllis and Lance can become voyagers. These magical people will tear you up when you get in the way of their powerful conch rays. When they get their ultimate skill, you'll be kissing those lightnings while you fade into death.


The ultimate support class! Using their powerful spells, Ami and Phyllis characters can heal and buff their allies and also revive them when the battle turns sour!

Seal Masters

Supporting my allies? Psh let's just directly interfere with our enemies! With these spells, Ami and Phyllis characters can render their enemies useless! Being unable to use their skills or attack you at all!


The ultimate! The Champion! The tough guy of the block, Carsise is the only one who can become a champion. He's the ultimate tank, capable of tanking all the damage melee classes dish out! Don't be fooled though, in the rigth hands he can also use his ultimate skills to achive the highest DPS available!


ROSO's NPC are similar to those to the original ToP/ PKO but some are unique or new. They are all here to help you. Some can exchange your itemswhile others can give you insane quest! Check out their locations below!

* [Alt + R] for a faster way of using the coordinate system
* [Ctrl + L] for typing your current coordinate to the chat/shout box
* [Alt + W] to show the global map

Job Changer - Ranget
Argent City (2205,2791)Class Change: Become the class of your choice for free!
Abbadon Teleporter
Argent City (2185,2788)Teleporter: Enter Abbadon to level up over 150!
BD Gem Exchanger
Argent City (2192,2721)Exchanger: Exchange wood for Gems. Also Teleports you to Wood Cutting Isle.
Ticket Producer - Sue
Argent City (2230,2782)Vendor: Purchase Tickets to different locations
Mall Items
Argent City (2233,2783)Vendor: Purchase different items to help you
Potion Gina
Argent City (2235,2782)Vendor: Purchase different potions to help you

There are plenty NPCs not mentioned here. Many of them can offer you help depending on what your current objective is, so go explore!