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May 24, 2024          02:01:14 AM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

For more information about any item(s) or monster(s) in our server, check out our Game Database

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

New to ROSO? No idea how to start? No worries, this section of our game guide is dedicated towards helping you!

Getting Rich

Before you decide to become a billionaire, please remember this! Inventory gold is limited to 2,000,000,000!

Now this isn't our choice, but a default feature of ToP/PKO. In order to obtain more money, you can exchange your gold to notes!

1-Million Note10-Million Note50-Million Note100-Million Note1-Billion Note

You can exchange your gold notes via the following NPCs

Grocery - Jimberry
Argent City (2232,2729)Vendor: Sells skills for Crusader/Voyager/Champion. Also exchanges gold into notes and vice-versa.
Dimension's Castle (86,105)Exchanger: Exchanges gold into notes and vice-versa.

Now that we got that important fact out of the way, let's get rich! Be patient as gold can take some time! Here are some different methods of getting gold easily!

Method 1: Multi-Client

If your coputer has the rig to pull multiple game clients then this method is for you!

Open atleast 10 different clients. On each client you'll earn 70k/minute when the characters are inside of Argent City, Shaitain City or Icicle City.

Want more? You'll need around 5M on each client to do this. First go to the following NPC and obtain Old Man Lilith's Book .

Old Man Lilith
Icicle City (1307,500)Exchanger: Old Man Lilith's Book or Necklace.

This will give you an additional 30k/minute. You can also get the necklace , it will give you an additional 20k/minute.

The total? 120k/minute * 10 clients opened = 1.2M/minute | 72M/hour | 1.7B/day

Note1: The units of measurement refer to the following
k = thousand, M = million, B = billion. Example: 20k is 20,000 or 20 thousand etc.

Method 2: Tundra Path

Tundra Path is specifically designed just for new players! To view more information on Tundra Path visit our Guide Page about it.

To enter Tundra Path, visit the following NPC

Tundra Dragon
Icicle City (1307,528)Teleporter: Teleports you to Tundra Path

Monsters in Tundra Path have the chance to drop a 10M-gold note along with different types of gems that youc an sell or use for yourself! Kill thousands of these and you'll be a billionaire in just a day!

Method 3: Vote for ROSO

Voting in ROSO is a mutually beneficial system! It helps you the player obtain credits and it also promotes our server on those voting websites! Its a win-win.

You can vote every 12 hours on 5 different voting websites. You'll obtain 75 credits for each successful vote! In addition to this, if you vote evry single day starting on Monday of that week, on the following sunday you'll obtain bonus credits!

You can use these credits for various purposes. You can sell them, buy items in award center, bid in auction, exchange for in-game reputation, or even use it on our credits wheel!

Voting Page
Award Center
Credit Wheel

Method 4: Wood Cutting

You can exchange 75x wood to obtain a Black Dragon Gem. To get started, visit the following NPC

BD Gem Exchanger
Argent City (2192,2721)Exchanger: Exchange wood for Gems. Also Teleports you to Wood Cutting Isle.

Once you exchange for any BD Gem 3 times, you'll get a random Excruciating BD Gem as a bonus!

Exchange 30 times and you'll get a random Lv3 Excruciating BD Gem!

Method 5: Gem Combiner

Whether you'd like to admit it or not, players are very lazy! So lazy that they will pay you in order to combine their gems for them! Market yourself in world chat and negotiate on the price you're willing to combine the gems for.

Method 6: Be Smart

Playing a game doesn't just mean that you just play, kill, and earn. You can also become a great dealer with it. Just check the world chat for someone selling an item, which is lower than normal, and buy it! Buying this item will give you some profit once you sold it with its normal price. Some player are desperate enough to give you discounts for items they sell. Be wise!