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Stall name Seller Location
( )
Master Neck Dark Matter Chest Great Gem Bag ROSO Speed Potion Dark Matter Ring Key Eye of the Abyss Contem Argano Hydros Fruit Divine Speed
@verga3 Icicle City
(1361, 534)
( Gr8 Colo | Augs | Heavenly Gems )
Augment Grade Increase Augment Success Increase Augment Success Increase Ore Great Gem of Colossus Augment Prevent Decrease Ore Heavenly Colossus Heavenly Soul Heavenly Rage Heavenly Wind Heavenly Striking
@[HEF]*Hellistia Icicle City
(1324, 518)
( Soro|Roso|Ex|GuildBox|Azz|Heavenly|Skil... )
Lv1 ROSO Chest Lv3 ROSO Gem Chest Lv4 ROSO Gem Chest Lv1 SORO Chest Lv3 SORO Gem Chest Excruciating Dragon Soul Heavenly Chest Lv5 Heavenly Chest Guild Boss Box Lv1 Excruciating Soul Chest Skill Box(Lv150) Azrael Chest Lv1-4 Undead Azrael Lv1 Excruciating Heart Chest Lv1 Excruciating Eye Chest Lv1-4 Azrael Aggregation Lv1-4 Azrael Light Lv1-4 Azrael Glare
@[HEF]*Celestia Icicle City
(1321, 517)
( Fruits|Traits|Tile|BP|Empowered|Exp|Bags++ )
Empowered Nut Empowered Scorpion Empowered Fist Great Gem Bag Raid Power Pack +1% EXP Scroll Standard Blueprint Trait Fission Tablet Event Reward Tile 100% Forging Fruit Hydros Fruit 100% Combining Fruit Elite Blueprint Famous Cake Trait 'Abyss' Mordo Junior Lava Dragon (4thRB) Summon Scroll Master Pet Summon Scroll
@[HEF]CHiLDError Argent City
(2233, 2737)
( Prevents/Success/MiniSucc/Grades/Rolls/... )
100 IGS Crystals Augment Success Increase Augment Mini Success Increase Augment Prevent Decrease Augment Grade Increase +3 Roll Attempts
@verga2 Icicle City
(1320, 532)
( .... )
Sage Seal Chest Rage Shield Fearless Neck Excruciating Dragon Eye Sealed Fearless Sword Sealed Fearless Bow Sealed Fearless Gun Azrael's Light
@Bleck Argent City
(2211, 2720)
Heaven's Berry
@gnfhmnfgv Shaitan City
(961, 3578)
( Sell Custom Set champ,Ami,Lance ss Crus... )
Novice Blueprint Heaven's Berry
@dbvbfcc Shaitan City
(961, 3594)
Contem Restari Contem Nefetri Contem Hynema Contem Blenaro
@xChampiz Icicle City
(1313, 540)
( . )
New Sheepskin Scroll Marriage Chest Sealed Fearless Chest Fearless Gloves Fearless Ring Kylin Neck Rage Armor Rage Gloves Heavenly Soul
@Kassy Argent City
(2215, 2716)
( AscShards/ShattSigil/Guarantee/EyeOfAbyss )
Shattered Sigil Pouch of Melancholy Augment Guarantee Increase Ore Eye of the Abyss Fury Kara Summon Scroll Morpheus Abyss Demon Summon Scroll Ascendant Shard
@xD1ckHeadx Icicle City
(1351, 545)
( Contems / Gr8 Gems !!!! )
Contem Restari Contem Supree Contem Treflum Contem Nefetri Great Gem of Rage Great Gem of Striking Contem Hynema Contem Ilyano Great Gem of Soul
@sleeve6 Shaitan City
(897, 3514)
(Lv7)Terror Cape - Redeemed
@KuyaEggPlant Argent City
(2220, 2808)
( holy shadow-archer/divine paladin-power... )
Great Gem Bag Holy Shadow Holy Archer Divine Paladin Divine Power Divine Spirit
@AlexTheGreat Argent City
(2176, 2772)
( >>>>>>>>>>>EASY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< )
Ascendant Shard Master Neck Lv1 Excruciating Heart Chest Lv1 Excruciating Soul Chest Lv1 Excruciating Eye Chest
@YaleBank Icicle City
(1351, 527)
( offer rikanti )
Contem Restari Contem Treflum
@:Javier* Argent City
(2223, 2792)
( rare fruits )
Rare Shaitan Biscuit
@RoseAnne Argent City
(2222, 2712)
Accessory Gems Bag Rare Icespire Plum Kylin Card Divine Spirit Holy Shadow Augment Grade Increase Ore Augment Success Increase Ore Lv5 Dizzy Rage Gloves Sage Gloves Divine Paladin (Lv-1)ROSO Energy Card
@mech01 Argent City
(2227, 2709)
( Gr8|Contem|SW|Roso rings|Exp Scr )
Great Gem of Rage +1% EXP Scroll
@Cero┬░MMiedo Argent City
(2172, 2772)
( 0,0 hahhahaha )
Reforging Scroll Ascendant Shard Marriage Chest Rare Shaitan Biscuit Sage Set Stone Dreamer Name Change Card Gyoza Rare Snow Dragon Fruit 100% Forging Fruit Rare Icespire Plum Rare Zephyr Fish Floss 100% Combining Fruit Fearless Seal (Lv5)Terror Cape Victorious Red
@staller┬░p Shaitan City
(978, 3610)