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Stall name Seller Location
1,000 Credits Token 100 IMPs Token Master Neck ROSO Ring ROSO Helm Phoenix Wings Irish Elf wings Name Change Card
@JhonJhonnn Argent City
(2173, 2777)
( DISCORD: AmericanPie#9202 )
Bounty Master Dark Ring Black Blader Lance Armor Black Blader Lance Gloves Black Blader Lance Shoe Lv1-4 SMG Chest
@FastTrigger Argent City
(2140, 2775)
( SW winning boxs/Guara Ores/Contem Combi... )
Augment Mini Success Increase SW - Winning Box Contem Combination Scroll Augment Guarantee Increase Ore
@viltoxxx Argent City
(2196, 2885)
( Pouch/Aug Grade/AugSucc )
Pouch of Melancholy Augment Grade Increase Augment Success Increase
@*TitanFall~ Icicle City
(1354, 554)
( Odds n Ends... take a look numnuts )
+1 Roll Attempt Augment Prevent Decrease Ore Augmented Amplifier (15-Day)ROSO Energy Card Lv5 Confusion Lv6 Self Destruct Augment Success Increase Ore Augment Grade Increase Ore
@LaToxica Argent City
(2239, 2786)
Lv1 Excruciating Soul Chest Lv1-3 Excruciating Soul Chest Sage Master Gem Kal Runestone Lv1 Excruciating Heart Chest Lv1-3 Excruciating Heart Chest ROSO Coin Marriage Chest Gem Slot Card Ethereal Potion Rage Knife&Cutter Chest Augment Grade Increase Upgraded Sage Chest Upgraded Rage Chest Wyvern Shard +1% EXP Scroll Great Gem of Striking
@PrinceMerleh Argent City
(2239, 2775)
( bd soul )
Soul of Black Dragon
@SendNudesss Argent City
(2174, 2789)
Azrael's Light SORO Gem New Sheepskin Scroll Gem of Colossus Lv1 ROSO Chest Kylin Card Eye of Black Dragon Heart of Black Dragon Phoenix Wings
@Sould Icicle City
(1327, 542)
( ///SW Win box//Exp scroll+10/roll attempts )
+1 Roll Attempt +10% EXP Scroll +3 Roll Attempts SW - Winning Box
@MikasaV2 Icicle City
(1323, 524)
( Gr8 Bags//Gr8 Striking )
Great Gem Bag Great Gem of Striking
@s2s2s2s2s Argent City
(2167, 2791)
( Prevents/Success/MiniSucc/Grades/StrGem... )
100 IGS Crystals Augment Success Increase Augment Mini Success Increase Augment Prevent Decrease Augment Grade Increase Strengthening Gem
@verga2 Icicle City
(1320, 532)
( RMG / SMG / Ex Souls )
Rage Master Gem Chest Sage Master Gem Chest Excruciating Dragon Soul Lv1-3 Excruciating Soul Chest Lv1 Excruciating Soul Chest
@xTaMy Argent City
(2202, 2891)
( buy plz )
Holy Archer Sealed Fearless Hammer Holy Shadow Ticket to Icicle Divine Knight Hi-Amplifier of Luck Ticket to Argent
@RussiaMan Icicle City
(1354, 520)
( augs// igs// k.card// gems and others )
Augment Prevent Decrease Augment Grade Increase Contem Argano Lv1 ROSO Chest Lv1-4 Heavenly Chest Heavenly Chest
@-{+Alladin+}- Argent City
(2150, 2774)
( Gr8 Gr8 you might need )
Great Gem of Striking Great Gem of Rage Warrior's Speed Great Gem of Wind Great Gem of Soul
@HoTCruZ Argent City
(2179, 2783)
( Phyllis Custom Hat | Holy Helm | Champ ... )
J- Omair Hair
@squalostaller1 Argent City
(2198, 2891)
( GemSlotCard )
Gem Slot Card
@Stephanny Argent City
(2202, 2715)
( Runic Sigil/Aug Prevent/Succes/Grade/Mo... )
Augment Prevent Decrease Great Gem of Striking Augment Grade Increase Augment Guarantee Increase Ore Morpheus Abyss Demon Summon Scroll
@┬░┬░Antony Argent City
(2231, 2816)
( RMG | Fluega )
Rage Master Gem Chest Contem Fluega
@szxcstaller Argent City
(2212, 2876)
( ... )
100 IMPs Token 100 IGS Crystals Dark Ring Raid Shard Augment Guarantee Increase Ore
@sqsdqsdq Argent City
(2176, 2772)