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Last Updated on: June 8th, 2022

Agate Crystal
Agate Crystal
Common Item
Purest of agate that has powerful magical properties
2,500G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 99x

Dropped by

Lv 28 Sand Bandit Leader - Garet ID: 106
Sand Bandit Leader - Garet 100.00%
Lv 100 Siren Queen ID: 105
Siren Queen 100.00%
Lv 32 Electric Sea Jelly ID: 91
Electric Sea Jelly 30.00%
Lv 77 Frantic Lizardman ID: 552
Frantic Lizardman 18.00%
Lv 76 Evil Tribal Shaman ID: 551
Evil Tribal Shaman 16.50%
Lv 74 Deadly Werewolf Archer ID: 548
Deadly Werewolf Archer 15.00%
Lv 60 Northern Pirate Warship ID: 612
Northern Pirate Warship 1.50%
Lv 59 Spiny Fish Bone ID: 585
Spiny Fish Bone 1.50%