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Custom Apparel Guide

Custom Apparel Guide

This guide is considered a Work In Progress

Purchasing a Custom Apparel

Players will first need to purchase a Custom Apparel Card (Limited) from the purchase page using their preferred payment option.

The option (if there are any available) will be displayed under the Packages - No IMPs section.

After the payment has been processed, the card will be added to your storage box.

Please keep in mind that this card cannot be assigned in-game, and will reject the assign option should you try to do so.

Submitting your Custom Apparel

To start the process, visit our Ticket System and select the "Custom Apparel Card" ticket subject.

Here's an example of what your ticket should look like:

Basic template:

Character name the apparel should be registered to:

Choose between weapon set (2 individual weapons, they can be different) or armor set (gloves, boots, armor):

Name(s) for the apparel(s):

Would you like these apparel(s) added to the IGS in return for a percentage of the profits?:

In the attachments section, please add both the texture and model for your chosen apparel(s) via a .zip file.

Additional Information

Remember that all apparels have both a TEXTURE and a MODEL.

TEXTURE: a .BMP, .PNG, .TGA, or .JPG file that holds the applied image for the item.

MODEL: a .LGO file that contains the 3d model for the item.

If a submission does not have both a model and a texture, we cannot review the apparel.

If needed, you may add a second reply to your ticket if you've forgotten anything.

Custom Apparels already in-game cannot be resubmitted by another player, and if they are, will be rejected immediately.

Custom apparels that are submitted to us will take time to review. Once we test that the apparel is in working order, we can provide you with a timeframe that it will be added.

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