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Last Updated on: July 24th, 2022

Black Dragon Roar
Black Dragon Roar
Monster Skill

Monster Skill


1 seconds

Active Skill Land Skill Class: All

Used by

Elder Wyvern ID: 1302
Elder Wyvern Usage Rate: 10%
Hallow-Dragon Phantom ID: 1276
Hallow-Dragon Phantom Usage Rate: 5%
LavaDragon(4thRB) ID: 1267
LavaDragon(4thRB) Usage Rate: 10%
Volcanic Beast ID: 1238
Volcanic Beast Usage Rate: 10%
Lava Dragon ID: 1221
Lava Dragon Usage Rate: 10%
Relic Guardian ID: 1124
Relic Guardian Usage Rate: 30%
Abyss Lord - Hardin ID: 987
Abyss Lord - Hardin Usage Rate: 10%
Black Dragon Phantom ID: 952
Black Dragon Phantom Usage Rate: 5%
Black Dragon ID: 789
Black Dragon Usage Rate: 10%