FILL-UP gPotato
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Points Wheel

Cost 1 imp to spin
Prizes you could possibly win!
Gyoza (99x)
Accessory Gems Bag (3x)
Buff Note (99x)
1-Billion Note (2x)
Flash Bomb Lv2 (10x)
Flash Bomb Lv1 (70x)
Azrael Chest (7x)
Strengthening Gem (1x)
Skill Box (1x)
Gem Slot Card (1x)
ROSO Coin (20x)
Hydrus Chest (1x)
Hypnos Chest (1x)
Herecules Chest (1x)
Excruciating Dragon Eye (1x)
Excruciating Dragon Soul (1x)
Excruciating Dragon Heart (1x)
Event Box (1x)
Rage Master Gem Chest (1x)
Sage Master Gem Chest (1x)
ROSO Speed Potion (99x)
Fearless Emblem (1x)
Item Transfer Letter (1x)
Hydros Fruit (1x)
(Lv-2)ROSO Energy Card (1x)
Pouch of Melancholy (1x)